Hello world! I'm Cheyanne and I make art.

22 years old, Freelance Illustrator and Fine Artist, currently residing in Alabama with a loving husband, an occasionally loving cat, and three blind mice-that-are-actually-rats. Forever attempting to make comics and magic.


@busymockingbird made an awesome #sketchbook filled with random facts and #trivia. Looked fun so I decided to do the same. #sketch #art

Painting myself some #AdventureTime shoes.

Sketch book doodle. I draw a surprisingly embarrassing amount of Miley Cyrus. #sketch #art #mileycyrus #twerkmileytwerk




!! Woah guys! Pixelovely’s new tools are finally out, one for hands & feet, and one for faces!

There’s now 429 photos of hands & feet, and 314 photos of faces. Dang!!

This is super cool news and I certainly can’t wait to start using them haha

I’ve got tons of tutorials on hands, feet and faces in their relevant tags, so be sure to check those out too nwn

This is the first time I’ve seen this, but whoa! What a great resource for people who are learning on their own. I’m gonna have to try it out — I definitely need practice with gesture drawings. 


Jackalope for Sketch_Dailies. Told myself I could only work on this for an hour.

This fella is a bit perplexed at the fat birds that have taken up residence in his antlers. He hasn’t had the heart to evict them. They pay their rent on time, after all.

Okay so for Valentine’s Day I’m going to share some information about my headcannon otp:


Backstory: The villagers kill the Beast and Ariel never gets the guy and thus never gets her voice back as well.

They meet when Belle is at the beach reading out loud to gulls and Ariel swims up and listens. Ariel is much more tan in my headcannon and has an athletic build due to so much time outside swimming.

They eventually fall in love and manage somehow (magic??) to get Ariel’s legs back but not her voice. Ariel helps Belle’s father invent things by using items in new and interesting ways. Belle, who is used to her father’s inventions, enjoys Ariel’s way of looking at the world. Belle likes to read to Ariel, mostly fairy tales.

Also headcannon is that Ariel is at least a head shorter than Belle.

Quick Ursula sketch for the Sketch_Dailies prompt on twitter.