Hello world! I'm Cheyanne and I make art.

22 years old, Freelance Illustrator and Fine Artist, currently residing in Alabama with a loving husband, an occasionally loving cat, and three blind mice-that-are-actually-rats. Forever attempting to make comics and magic.


Improvement Hell: Day One

  1. Self-Portrait - Introduce yourself

Mirror used as reference, picture to show what I look like in real life. (It’s mostly accurate- I’ve since cut my hair super short and it’s unfortunately no longer purple.)

Introduction: Hello! I’m Cheyanne/absentasia and I have immense difficulty taking only a day to do a self portrait because all of the tweaking.
I have cats, rats, and an affinity for the weird. Just the weird. Not any weird specifically.

I enjoy long walks on the beach and pretending to be a shark. I am still seeking legitimate super powers from anyone offering or, failing that, to further my art career.

It only just now occurred to me, on upload of this image, that I could have done a fun stylized self portrait with character instead of me just sitting at my art desk. (But let’s face it, at this point me sitting in front of the computer is my character.)

Yogscast Kim, requested after I painted Hannah.

Watch me paint it here!

Reblog this if you take art commissions :U


lookin’ to buy some art

Watch me paint Yogscast Hannah!

Hannah/lomadia from the Yogscast!

Watch me paint it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMQvvf3dbqU

#painting #progress #acrylic

@busymockingbird made an awesome #sketchbook filled with random facts and #trivia. Looked fun so I decided to do the same. #sketch #art

Painting myself some #AdventureTime shoes.

Sketch book doodle. I draw a surprisingly embarrassing amount of Miley Cyrus. #sketch #art #mileycyrus #twerkmileytwerk